Food grade CMC
Food grade CMC is widely used in Food Industry as thickener, stabilizer, moisture sustainer and emulsifier to improve taste. It is used in making yoghurt, beverage, jelly, syrup, cookies, instant noodles and inebriant.

Liquid beverage: Adding Food Grade CMC into Liquid Beverage can suspend particles evenly, fresh the color, and extend shelf life.

Lactic acid beverage: Adding anti-acid CMC can stabilize the solution, prevent precipitation, improve mouth feel, increase quality and thermal stable.
Milk: mainly for soy milk, peanut milk, almond milk, etc. Adding food grade CMC can suspend, emulsify, stabilize the product, avoid fatty particles build up as well as whiten, sweeten and remove soy odor .
Frozen foods (ice cream)……
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Founded in 1973, Jiangyin Evereaching Chemical Co.,Ltd is a enterprise which integrates the research, production and sales of Sodium Carboxymethyl Cellulose & Polyanionic Cellulose. We have the production capacity of 10000MT per year. Nowadays Evereaching has been the largest production and sales of Paper-making Grade CMC manufacturer in China.
Evereaching is the first company in China who start the research and development of CMC for paper-making industries, and we have had great success. The NX series Special CMC for Paper-making is widely used in Pigment coating adding, Intracytoplasm adding, and Top sizing process. We have applied for national invention patent, patent number: 95111052*7.
In line with the concept of diversified development, Evereaching is always spending time on research and development on series grade of CMC and PAC, especially for a major breakthrough in the field of PAC……

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